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The '-MU' extension means 'Multi User'. This version of JT65-HF-Comfort enables several users to share the same hardware and software installation. This setup is typically used at clubstations with one transceiver + PC with only a single user account. The hardware settings can stay unchanged (sound card and transceiver) while every OM is able to use his individual callsign and logbook.


The '-MU' version is asking for a setup file at program start. All other options and features are the same as the standard JT65-HF-Comfort.

At program start you will be asked to choose between an already existing setup file or creating a brandnew one.




After you picked your choice you're getting to the next menu.



When you click on 'Open Filedialog' you're faced with a dialog box which gives you the option to either open an existing file or create an new file name and save it.



When choosing 'Create new Setup-File' you're going to see:


At this point you need to enter a new file name.  It has to be a new (not used) name. Entering an existing name or picking one existing name from the list will result in a fault message.


If all is entered correctly the program will start with an empty setup page.


When choosing 'Select exist Setup-File ' you're going to see:


The dialog box shows all files with an'*.jt6' suffix. To activate an existing file name you can double-click on the name, or single-click + click ‘open’, or manually enter the name and click ‘open’. The program automatically starts. If you manually enter a non-existing file name you’ll get a fault message and the request to re-do your entry.

The multi user version of JT65-HF-Comfort can be downloaded at  jt65-hf-comfort-MU . If you’re already familiar with the standard JT65-HF-Comfort version you’ll be ready to operate immediately as there are no other changes besides the start-up sequence.

Hopefully this version of JT65-HF-Comfort is helping other multi user clubstations making life easier.


55  + 73 de Matthias , DL3VCO 


Please send your potential help requests and fault messages (with screen shot) as well as suggestions to: dl3vco@gmx.de.




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